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Meet a Triathlete: Sujean Chung

In this episode of Meet a Triathlete, Sujean Chung Kim tells you about her first triathlon, why she likes to tri, and why you should too.


2015 Orbea Orca Overview

Scott Warren, a product manager with Orbea Bicycles, stopped by the shop to give us a look at the 2015 Orbea Orca. Check out the video and find out why the 2015 Orca is the best bike Orbea has ever … more

Power Balance and Shorter Cranks

This was originally published at triplethreattough.com. Special thanks to Tommy Johnson and Triple Threat Tough for allowing us to share.

Garmin Power Balance Earlier this year I bought the Garmin … more

Garmin 920 - In Stock

Forerunner 920XT packs a fleet of high-end training features into a sleek watch that is wet suit-friendly and about 15 percent lighter than its predecessor, the Forerunner 910XT. It boasts a high- … more

Meet a Triathlete: Felix Sanabria

In this Meet a Triathlete, Felix Sanabria, one of our favorites and all-around great guy, tells you about his first triathlon, why he likes to tri, and why you should too.


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