Felt IA FRD Build

We've had the luxury of having a number of Felt IA FRDs roll through the shop, so we took the opportunity to make a bike build video. Built especially for triathlon, the IA FRD shuns UCI-approval to start with a clean slate to build the most aerodynamic bike possible with deeper tube shapes, a clean front-end, and a shape that minimizes the front-surface area to help you ride faster. The complexity of the build is significantly higher than most traditional triathlon bikes, as its engineered not with your service tech in mind, but instead with aerodynamics and speed in mind.

It's also a great example of the craftsmanship you'll find in the Tri Shop Service Department. You spend a lot of time on your bike and you may have spent a lot of money on it as well. Don't trust your bike with service departments that cut corners or that need discounts and deals to stay busy, trust your bike with the best.

The one you see in the video will be ridden by our own Lauren Barnett, a professional triathlete who lives in here in the DFW Metroplex. Lauren has already built an impressive resume and has an even brighter future, so be sure to like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.