Cristina Caldwell

Triathlon Coach

After swimming at Miami University, Cristina (Tina) Caldwell decided to fuel her competitive drive by jumping into a triathlon. She completed her first triathlon in 2003 and her first Ironman in 2006.

She currently holds a BS in exercise physiology and nutrition and is a firm believer in a science-based approach to training. She utilizes everything from power meters, GPS, heart rate and metabolic testing, to tried-and-true RPE. Her coaching relies on constant feedback from athletes in order to continually adapt her custom plans to athlete’s changing fitness and busy lives. She enjoys the challenge of taking experienced athletes to the next level of their racing, and also takes pride in guiding new athletes through their first triathlon experiences. Tina’s coached numerous IM finishers, World Championship and USAT National qualifiers and Boston qualifiers. Tina’s extensive swim, bike power, and nutrition knowledge make these her coaching specialties.

Nutrition is the 4th discipline for triathletes, and her passion for nutrition shows. Tina has worked with Olympians, Professional athletes, age group athletes and collegiate/high school athletes. Nutrition is very personal and everyone's needs are different. She provides periodized nutrition plans for each individual based on their training load, training period, personal preference, allergies, body composition and more. Her nutrition coaching can be separate from her triathlon coaching if desired.

Tina’s desire for continual self-improvement led to her adding the USAT Level 2 coaching certification to her resume in 2012. She completed the RRCA run coaching certification in January 2014, the ASCA swimming certification in 2015 and just completed the International Olympic Committee’s prestigious 2-year Sports Nutrition Diploma program. She has one year to go before attaining a master’s degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. Tina is also a certified sports nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

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