Kevin Anderle

Triathlon Coach

As a trainer, I feel that my job is to help you reach your goals — competitive and/or fitness related. There's nothing more satisfying than setting a goal, training hard, then meeting that goal, whether it's at a target race, a targeted pace on your favorite run, or a distance on your bike. If your goal is to compete at your highest fitness level possible, then my goal as your personal coach is to listen to your needs and concerns, create an appropriate training regimen for you to follow, and to cheer you on every step of the way. I'm a strong believer in making and working towards goals. Everyone's goals are unique to them and are uniquely important to them, and all goals are equally exciting whether an athlete is going to finish their first sprint or make it to the podium. I believe that we all can enjoy the sport better with goals. Reflection on where we were, as compared to where we can be, is an empowering feeling!

I've been a runner my whole life and have competed in distance events from 2 to 26 miles. As a teenager, I swam in the ocean and surfed. I've been a recreational cyclist entering rallies for many years up to when I started actively competing in triathlon races. Since I started racing triathlons, I've become an avid road and mountain bike cyclist, training with many of the bike clubs in Dallas and racing. As a triathlete, I spend a lot of time practicing swim technique, both in the pool and in the open water. I've been active in all the disciplines of triathlons throughout my life, and now over the last 5 years I have actively trained to put them together for a race. SWIM BIKE RUN!

My focus in racing and coaching has been primarily in Olympic distances. My training regimen focuses on a combination of over-distance aerobic and high-intensity intervals. I strongly adhere to goal-oriented training with accurate activity records. I can help advanced athletes improve their running technique and training, and help intermediate/beginner athletes improve their overall fitness, cycling skills, swimming technique, running technique, and race strategy/preparation. That being said, I want to stress that the most important goal for any athlete is to have fun. I coach and compete to have fun. There's nothing more satisfying for me than to meet a personal goal, or to hear the excitement in an athlete's voice that has met or exceeded their goals. The triathlon community of athletes is the best!

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