Lyndsi Bieging

Triathlon Coach

Lyndsi has been an athlete all her life starting with competitive swimming at age 6. She competed in her first triathlon in 1998, fell in love with the sport, and has been racing ever since. Lyndsi is centrally located in Plano with her husband Geoff and dog Mali. She is also a new mom to a daughter and has learned first hand how to manage training and staying fit throughout pregnancy, birth and life with new little one.

She has over 16 years experience racing at all distances from sprint races to Ironman Texas. She qualified and competed in 3 consecutive USAT Age Group National Championships and qualified for Team USA in 2013 and 2014. She represented the US at the World Championship Olympic distance race in London, England in 2013.

Her goals are to bring the joy of training, racing and competing to athletes of all levels, and help them reach their goals – whatever they may be. She has experience coaching beginner triathletes as well as more seasoned athletes at a variety of distances. She specializes in swimming and has enabled several athletes to get over their fear of the water and finish races that they never imagined being able to do before working with her. She is extremely upbeat and passionate about the sport and life, and will bring structure and discipline to training as well as plenty of fun!

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Shaurya Agarwal (2015):

"I found Lyndsi on the DFW Tri Club website while I was looking for a swimming coach for my first triathlon. I had never swam competitively before, and in a little over a month Lyndsi helped me go from struggling with 2 laps to swimming a mile. Her experience really shines through in her coaching, and regardless of whether you're a beginner or a pro I think she's exactly the type of supportive coach you need to get to your goal. I felt confident and excited going into the triathlon largely because of how helpful Lyndsi had been throughout my training."

Dawn Chan (2016):

"Coach Lyndsi has been a huge influence on my life, not limited to the workouts that she posts for me online. She has somehow made me prioritize two things that every grown adult knows they should do, but not all actually do a good job of; diet and sleep. The first big quantitative achievement I had with Coach Lyndsi was about 10 weeks into starting training. I went from beyond zero to setting a new personal record in a sprint distance triathlon. I PR-ed by about 40 minutes over my previous fastest time – quite probably the biggest percentage PR I will have in my lifetime. Coach Lyndsi’s personality and experience were high on the list of reasons why I had asked her to coach me, in the beginning. However, the process of being coached by her has unveiled so much more than I thought it would; she has upped my game significantly, gotten me healthier in general, shown genuine care over me, and become a truly good friend. Coach Lyndsi and her influences on me have probably been the biggest factor in my success in the triathlon world thus far, and I look forward to continuing to work with her."

Chris Kraft (2015 - Ironman Bouder):

From the moment I met Coach Lyndsi I knew we clicked. Her energy and confidence in her coaching ability were infectious. I knew right away that she could help me in areas where I needed the most help, would guide me through the long path toward becoming an IRONMAN, would listen to my inputs and factor them in to our training, and ultimately would be trustworthy enough for me to hand over the reins for the most significant endurance sport I've ever ventured to tackle. I knew Coach Lyndsi was as interested in my training as I was. Anytime we talked or met face-to-face I could sense her genuine excitement about watching me develop. That gave me the confidence that any workout I did was with the purpose of getting me ready for the IRONMAN. It was one less thing I had to worry about. In the end I made it to the start line of the IRONMAN without injury, was mentally and physically focused, and had a race plan which required no thought to execute. I handily beat my goal time, and had enough energy for a good strong finishing kick. Coach Lyndsi took my training as seriously as I did. She put me in the best position for success, and ultimately made me an IRONMAN.

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