Mark Reisman

Triathlon Coach

Coach Mark is based out of Dallas and has been coaching with the DFW Tri Club for over two years. An avid reader, he is always seeking additional knowledge about triathlon’s hard and soft skills. On a bigger picture, he works with his athletes to achieve their athletic goals and apply these skills to the “real world”. He uses TrainingPeaks to distribute schedules, plan and analyze his athletes and groups.

As a young athlete, Mark specialized in the 400 meter sprint Track & Field event and made it through the Los Angeles City Section quarter finals in High School. He also led his high school soccer team to the Los Angeles City Section semi-finals. He played club soccer with the East-West Soccer Ambassadors, representing the United States in European “football” tournaments. He eventually traded in soccer for Triathlon. He raced with a local triathlon racing team, has consistently qualified for Nationals in Triathlon and has qualified for Team USA in the Standard Distance Duathlon and the Standard Distance Aquathlon.

Coach Mark has been a coached athlete for most of his life, and he has taught for much of his adult life. In college, he participated in Disney Management Training, which emphasized exceeding customer expectations and "coaching" instead of "teaching", to empower the student (athlete) to learn on his or her own, enabling more efficient learning. Coach Mark applies this to coaching and to everything he does. His coaching style is flexible and varies depending on the athlete’s needs. He believes in balancing calm and mellow with high intensity, pushing them when they need it and backing off when the time is right. He usually provides workouts with explanations regarding the relevance of the exercises.

Coach Mark is the Director of Group Training at the DFW Tri Club. He is focused on the 70.3 distance for Group Training Program, but can direct you to the appropriate group if you are interested in another distance. He currently maintains a small, select group of athletes for private schedule writing. You will be a good fit with Coach Mark if you are highly motivated to accomplish your athletic goals and are willing to follow the custom schedule most of the time. If you tend to over-train and need some help backing off, Coach Mark can help.

He is available for one-on-one lessons in swimming, cycling, running and strength training. He also performs Blood Lactate Testing to help you identify your weaknesses and determine your training and racing heart rates and power zones.

Mark is USAT Level I Certified, attended TrainingPeaks University and participated in the USAT Endurance Summit. Although he was among some tough competition, he was named DFW Tri Club Coach of the Year in 2014 and 2015. He is also an instructor for the DFW Tri Club Swim Basics Class.

You can email mark at or follow Mark on Twitter @ExclaimedMark or his blog at

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