Scott Whitten

Triathlon Coach

Scott Whitten started his triathlon coaching journey in 1991 when he helped coach his one of his buddies take is 10k time at the end of an Olympic distance triathlon from 43 min to 33 min under a year. Later that friend became a professional triathlete. Since that time Scott has served as the director of the southwest USAT youth skills camp in the ‘90s with Michael Bland, has served as past head coach of the Brian Loncar Racing Team, founded the Metroplex Area Youth Triathlon Team and is currently the head coach of the Cambridge Triathlon Team. Scott currently works with a variety of athletes outside of triathlon and has served as a paid consultant to the Lakes Tennis Program, Penguins Youth Hockey, City of Plano Swimmers and the Plano Independent School District athletic department. Scott is a member of the Physfarm Consortium (a think tank of elite endurance coaches) and a CHEK practioner.

When not working, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters and training his “worst client” (that would be Scott) as he makes his re-entry into the realm of AG triathlon competition after a 3 year hiatus to rehabilitate his body after a truck struck him on his bike in Plano.

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