Tri Life Racing

Triathlon Club

Living the Tri Life? Come out and hang out with like minded people.

 We are a family of triathletes promoting the life style of triathlon training with life goals! We are "Training For A Better Life!"

Tri Life Racing has a purpose, mission, and attitude!

Tri Life Racing is a fun and life changing club. 

Tri Life Racing is a Coaching Company and Club that specializes in changing peoples lives. Tri Life Racing will improve lives for all ages and all levels of ability. We teach an appreciation for life through camaraderie, atmosphere, triathlon, and shared experiences . Our team of athletes will make their athletic aspirations a reality while discovering a greater sense of purpose and accomplishments. 

We offer coached group workouts with a sense of direction, not one size fits all training.  Our group workouts are designed to make you better, not just a social outing. We offer everything you need to perform your best.  There is something for all; team races, individual races, fun, and hard work.

The difference is clear from the start, we are a family.... not just a team!

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