The Tri Shop bike sales and bike fit teams spent extensive time in both the Oran Nicks Wind Tunnel at Texas A&M and the A2 Wind Tunnel in Charlotte to bring world-class aerodynamics knowledge to cyclists and triathletes in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The ability to cut through the air efficiently and effectively, whether through superior position or superior equipment, is an essential part of getting the most out of your performance.

How Does a Wind Tunnel Work?
Check out our video of aero guru John Cobb explaining how the Texas A&M Wind Tunnel Works.
Bike Fit - Maximizing Performance
Tri Shop spent extensive time in the Texas A&M Wind Tunnel with pro triathlete Lauren Barnett. This is what we learned.
Bike Fit at Tri Shop
Bike Fit

Tri Shop is your expert Dallas road and triathlon bike fit specialist and is both Retul and F.I.S.T. road and triathlon certified.

You're guaranteed to find the expertise to help you get the perfect bike fit.

Road Bikes at Tri Shop
Road Bikes

Some road bikes are built for comfort, while others are built for aerodynamics and speed. We'll find the bike that works for you.

For more information on road bikes and your options at Tri Shop, click here.

Tri Bikes at Tri Shop
Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are built for speed and aerodynamics. With steeper seatposts and a shorter top tube, they help you go as fast as you can, as easy as you can.

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