Allied Cycle Works

Allied Cycle Works

Allied Cycle Works is a new team of industry veterans who share the same vision and see an opportuninty to make cycling better.

Allied Cycle Works designs, engineers, tests, manufacturers, markets, distributes, sells, and services all Allied products under one roof in Little Rock, Arkansas. Allied is MADE HERE, and is the pinnacle of American-manufactured carbon road bikes.

Allied Alfa

Alfa is the first bicycle designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed by Allied Cycle Works. The Allied Alfa delivers performance, efficiency, simplicity, durability and beauty. It is designed to be a racing bicycle that is stiff and compliant where you need it to be. You will see the Alfa in the highest levels of professional cycling as well as at gran fondos and on your local club ride.

It is a perfectly balanced, high performance, handcrafted American made machine.


A top contender that can stand up to any competitor in its class, Alfa is a racing bicycle that you can ride all day long. It’s the bike you will always want to grab, because it just feels right, and because it delivers a new and exciting experience every time.


Fit is everything. The Allied Alfa is available in an industry-leading 12 sizes: 49, 49+, 52, 52+, 54, 54+, 56, 56+, 58, 58+, 61 and 61+. The “+” designates a 2 cm taller head tube height that raises the front end slightly to allow for a more natural position for less flexible riders.

With 12 sizes to choose from, Allied bicycles are a bike fitter’s dream and allow for the perfect fit for every type of rider, male and female alike.

To find which option is best for you, schedule your fit for your Allied Alfa at Tri Shop.

Frame Weight

The Allied Alfa weights only 875 grams for a 56cm frame in our “naked” finish. This puts the Alfa in an elite class of premium frames.

Allied Alfa

Cable Management

Cable management is all in the details. The Allied Alfa is designed to beautifully integrate the cable management into the industrial design. We have carefully designed the cable routing to be compatible with every drivetrain option and to make cable routing simple for you and your mechanic.

Tire Size Compatibility

The trends with high performance wheels suggest wider is better. The Allied Alfa can accept all modern rim widths and tire sizes up to 700x28c.


Personalization is no longer a luxury. It is a modern requirement for premium products. You can have just about anything made specifically for you.

At ALLIED, it’s more personal than that. It’s not just about the bicycle; it’s about the ride, and it’s about why you ride. We ride in a spirit of total freedom with an inherent connection to other riders.

When you see another ALFA, it’s a handshake, a nod; this rider gets it, like you, he or she values beauty and utility, originality and authenticity, individuality and community.


The Allied Alfa frameset starts at $2700 and complete bikes start at $4,000 (outfitted with Shimano Ultegra and Mavic Aksium wheels). Paint and finish choices can affect the price of the frameset or complete bike. You also have options to customize parts including wheels and crankset, and costs can change depending on those choices.

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