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Coaching Expert Series

The Tri Shop Coaching Expert Series brings some of the best minds in triathlon and multisport to Tri Shop to discuss coaching, training, trends, equipment, and more.

The mission is simple: To improve the education of coaches by bringing in some of the best and more widely respected minds in triathlon.

Pick a session from the schedule below for details and to RSVP.

Each Tri Shop Coaching Expert Series event will have two special, RSVP-only coaches sessions. Each session provides a private opportunity for triathlon and multisport coaches to learn from and interact with triathlon thought-leaders. These sessions are completely free, with USAT CEU credits provided for a small fee.

For time and RSVP details, click a session below (you only need to RSVP for one session - the content is the same at both). You must be a triathlon, cycling, running, or multisport coach to attend (preferably USAT-ceritifed) and you must RSVP. If you're not USAT certified, email us if you want to attend or have any questions.

Upcoming Schedule

David Bertrand - Director of the Coaching Expert Series

From David Bertrand, Director - Tri Shop Coaching Expert Series

With the exciting growth of triathlon over the last decade, it has been nearly impossible to up-skill coaches fast enough to keep up with the demand. While growth has remained steady, it has slowed down from the astronomical rates of just a few years ago. However, the number of coaches now being certified is almost 10X the amount it was when triathlon participation was originally skyrocketing. Translation = LOTS & LOTS of coaches are now on the scene and sadly for many, continuing their education is an afterthought. Or for others, it's a struggle to find quality information. In these scenarios, it's the athletes that end up getting shorted.

To make it easier on the local coach to have access to the finest information available, Tri Shop now brings you the Coaching Expert Series. It is the most organized, committed, long-term effort that I have seen for triathlon coaching education. The coaches fortunate enough to secure a spot in the free classes will have opportunity to learn from some of the world's top coaches in multisport. In fact, the line-up for the first year (2015) could rival many of the sport’s recent international symposiums. The Coaching Expert Series sets Tri Shop apart with their unprecedented display of commitment to education and to furthering coaches’ knowledge.

The mission of the Coaching Expert Series is to serve the local coaching community by providing regular, top-notch education, and to cultivate a rich environment for triathlon thought leadership. The best and most widely respected minds in triathlon will be invited to Plano, Texas, to enhance the education of our region’s coaches and in time, athletes will reap the benefits of having access to best instructional methods and evidence-based practices from around the world.

As a collegial community of coaches, we can create a united effort to expand what we know by learning from the speakers and each other, ultimately improving our practices and catapulting our athletes to success beyond their wildest imaginations.

If you love to learn, and want to be on the cutting edge of coaching, then you will not want to miss this series. Let's do this, together!

For your success,
David Bertrand, MSEd

  • Director, Tri Shop Coaching Expert Series
  • USA Triathlon Level 2
  • Director of Sport Performance Leadership at Southern Methodist University
  • Speaker at USAT’s International Art & Science Symposium – “The Greatest Triathlon Minds of our Time”
  • Co-Leader for USAT’s first Coaching Business Innovation Retreat
  • USAT Level 1 and Level 2 Speaker and Course Leader (mentored and certified over 1000 coaches)

Previous Sessions:

  • Mat Steinmetz - 2015
  • Matt Dixon - 2015
  • Bob Seebohar - 2015
  • Joe Friel - 2015
  • Andrew Shanks - 2016
  • Justin Daerr - 2016
  • Matt Fitzgerald - 2016
  • Jamie Turner - 2016 (click here for videos)
  • Dan Empfield - 2016
  • Dina Griffin - 2017
  • Michellie Jones - 2017
  • Ryan Cooper - 2017