Felt Bike Technology and Development

Felt Carbon Technology

Felt Bicycles, a world leader in the design, materials, and aerodynamics of bikes, invited Tri Shop to their offices in Irvine, California to show us how they design, develop, and manufacture their bike lineup.

The videos and content below provide a great look inside the development process at how some of the world's greatest bikes are made.

Felt Carbon Tech - Part 1
In this video, Jeff Soucek explains Felt's quality control protocols, how bike frames are designed, and much more.
Felt Carbon Tech - Part 2
In this video, Jeff shows the modeling process used to get feedback on Felt's designs during development.
Felt Carbon Tech - Part 3
In this video, Jeff talks Felt bike design, carbon, carbon layups, carbon bike design, and carbon manufacturing.
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Bike Fit

Tri Shop is your expert Dallas road and triathlon bike fit specialist and is both Retul and F.I.S.T. road and triathlon certified.

You're guaranteed to find the expertise to help you get the perfect bike fit.

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Road Bikes

Some road bikes are built for comfort, while others are built for aerodynamics and speed. We'll find the bike that works for you.

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Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are built for speed and aerodynamics. With steeper seatposts and a shorter top tube, they help you go as fast as you can, as easy as you can.

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