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- David Attenborough

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Tri Shop - Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles

Located in Irvine, California, Felt Bicycles and its namesake, Jim Felt, are known for their cutting edge engineering and aerodynamic prowess in triathlon bikes.

Felt offers three different triathlon bikes, with their IA-series for performance minded athletes looking for a fully integrated solution, B-series for value-minded athletes looking for flexible options, and the aluminum frame S32 for budget-conscious athletes. Felt is new at Tri Shop in 2015 and immediately became one of the world's most prolific dealers of Felt triathlon bikes.

Tri Shop - Orbea Bicycles

Orbea Bicycles

Located in Spain with American headquarters in Little Rock Arkansas, the Orbea Ordu has been the bike of choice for world champions and has a long history in the sport.

The Orbea Ordu has two different models, a Race model ridden by triathlon bike specialist and Ironman bike record holder Andrew Starykowicz, and new for 2015, an Evolution model providing excellent stiffness and excellent aerodynamics in a very aggressively priced package. Tri Shop has more knowledge on the Ordu Race and Ordu Evolution than any other bike or multisport shop in the world.

Tri Shop - Scott Bicycles

Scott Bicycles

American born and Switzerland-based, Scott Bicycles, the inventor of the aerobar, is the bike of choice for world champion Sebastien Kienle. Scott features an entirely new triathlon bike lineup in 2015.

The 2015 Scott Plasma5 has already won a world championship and set the 1-hour time-trial record despite it's short history. The Plasma4 brings the same cutting edge engineering and aerodynamics improvements to lower price points.

Tri Shop - Boardman Bicycles

Boardman Bicycles

British-based Boardman Bikes, led by legendary cyclist and aerodynamics expert Chris Boardman, is new to the United States but not new to those who know cycling and triathlon. Pete Jacobs won his 2012 Ironman World Championship aboard the Boardman AiR TT, and new for 2015, the Boardman AiR TTE sets a new bar for aerodynamic prowess.

Tri Shop carries the entire Boardman TT line, including the AiR TT and AiR TTE and is the only Boardman dealer in North Texas.